The slant step is a historical art object that was found by William Wiley and Bruce Nauman in the 60s. Over time, it has been bolstered by lofty identity politics. Wiley claimed the object existed for those “despised, unknown, unloved”. Gordon Hall uses the Slant Step to suggest an object’s power to teach and force viewers to unlearn a certain way of seeing. Both artists and a history of disourse has placed politcal weight upon this object by asserting that is exists as the representation for queer, POC, and marginalized bodies. However, it is only recently that the slant step has been discovered to have been used as some type of squatty potty.
This irony and the complete removal of its obviously colonial history is where I begin to bring the slant step and its true purpose to light. By printing the slant step and its contemporary reimagining together on cakes, I invite the audience to consider the irritable sweetness of colonialism, make light of the slant steps proposed symbolism, and create the material the object was meant to enable: feces.

Cargo Collective
Richmond, VA